The martini is one of the classic drinks that have just grown even more popular through time. Even though this alcoholic cocktail drink is nearly a century old since its first inception in New York City, it is still able to maintain its own and possibly even compete and dominate other newly created cocktail drinks. Just as wine becomes better with age, the martini drink has just become better and better over the years.

A variation to the classic martini is the vodka martini wherein the use of vodka as spirit is done in exchange for gin that is used in classic martini. The added benefit of using vodka is that the spirit is colorless, odorless, and even tasteless. Aside from this, vodka does not bruise when shaken and this is the reason why you can put a vodka martini inside a cocktail shaker for shaking when preparing the drink. Whereas traditionalist will always prefer the gin-type martini, more modern drinkers however prefer the vodka martini as it is better in overall taste. Ask James Bond. His preference over his martini being ‘shaken not stirred’ is a clear sign that his martini is a vodka-type martini.

If you want to know how to make a vodka martini, here are the ingredients and equipment you need to prepare first:

how to make a vodka martini minhas brewery6 parts Vodka
1 part Dry Vermouth
1 Lemon Twist
1 Green Olive

Cocktail Shaker
Martini Glass

Once you have prepared all the ingredients and have both martini glass and cocktail shaker, you can now start preparing the cocktail drink. The first thing you will want to do is to chill all your ingredients in the fridge along with both shaker and martini glass to have a more professional result in your mix.

After about 20 minutes of being in the fridge, take out your cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Now take out your vodka and dry vermouth out of the fridge and place the necessary amounts inside the shaker. Now place the lid of your shaker and shake the contents for about 10 to 20 seconds. The purpose of shaking is not just to mix both vodka and vermouth, but to also allow them to get cool enough but not get diluted too much by the ice. Take out your martini glass and strain the content of the shaker into it. Add some chilled green olive or lemon twist garnish to your martini. Serve and enjoy.