Come to Of a Kind anytime after 6 for our One Year Bashathon! Things that are FREE we guarantee each and every one of you will receive at this party. CAKE SNAX BEER MUSIC DISCOUNTS things that are FREE that […]


In the 11 years since No Doubt’s last record, Gwen Stefani adventured into bubble-gum pop diva-land with two solo albums, launched a clothing line, acted in a feature film, and had a few babies.  And I’m sure the other members […]


Y Niwl continue to play their own brand of instrumental surf rock on their fourth release, appropriately titled “Y Niwl 4”.  With a blend of tremolo-ridden guitars, driving lo-fi drums, and simple infectious bass lines, this four piece from North […]


This record’s biggest task is not to disappoint too much. Coexist, though, really doesn’t disappoint at all. Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith may have stuck close to the template of their first album – Coexist is yet another barely there […]