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WHERE IS HOME is a documentary following the lives of Third-Culture-Kids, citizens of the world who grew up hopscotching between different countries. With both their physical and emotional paths traversing a landscape of diverse cultures, these children develop a unique sociocultural adaptability and a heightened sense of humanity. But they often end up as adults incapable of answering the simple question “Where are you from?”

When HOME is an absent concept, the desire to find that ONE place they truly belong lead many Third-Culture-Kids on a journey to settle down. But this singular goal often comes into direct CONFLICT with the innate wanderlust that results from their nomadic upbringing.

Caught in an existential dilemma, Third-Culture-Kids must learn to cope with the ambivalence that comes with the sense of belonging everywhere and nowhere at the same time. For many, this personality dichotomy is more difficult to adjust to than any cross-cultural experience they have had to navigate through before.

This film aims to bring insight into what it TRULY means to grow up amidst the wondrous diversity of cultures on our planet – the exhilaration that comes from living life in perpetual motion, but also the pain of having your heart torn between different places and feelings.

Though this film focuses on how Third-Culture-Kids come to resolution with their global life-experience and multicultural identity, the underlying search for self-acceptance and an ultimate purpose in life is a common quest that unites all of us together as human beings. Regardless of where we are from and what our story has been.